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This page collects a number of general questions from among the ones we are most frequently asked. If you need further clarification, do not hesitate to contact us

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Registering is quick and easy and, most importantly, FREE. Just click on the Register button and enter the information requested on the screen to get a valid account on the platform.

You will be able to rent your plants by paying via Bank Transfer or Cryptocurrency of the following types: Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT. The entire purchase procedure is finalized within our dashboard in a few simple guided steps.

Your plants will begin producing Energy Points immediately, even though Voltaiko will physically install them through its partners within about 90 days of purchase.

Voltaiko's main sources of income are brokering energy on the free market and selling the plants at subsidized prices at the end of the rental period. Take into account that the average life of each plant is about 25 years and, once your rental period is over, the tenant (the one who makes their home/business available for you) is bound by a contract with our companies for the management, maintenance and transfer of the energy produced in the years to follow.

Withdrawals take place every 6 months for residential/domestic type plants and every 3 months for industrial type plants. This time is necessary for analysis and data collection as well as payment processing. A strategy often used by our clients is to purchase several plants in different months so they can have a closer withdrawal date

In the How It Works section of this site you can find explanatory videos and downloadable presentations in PDF format. We also recommend that you follow us on social media. If you have more specific needs, we recommend that you contact us by email or through the contact form or alternatively request a consultation with one of our representatives.